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hii everyone,
im new here, i am a big fan of michael Jackson! and i am 15 yrs old. i want to meet more big fans of michael jackson cause all of my friends think i am weird for liking him. soo i am glad i got to find a mj community!
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Yeah, same here. I'm 15, too. My friends are like, "Your favorite singer is MICHAEL JACKSON??" People think I'm crazy. Everyone should know by now he is the king of pop! It's not that hard to notice!
lol i kno i kno! same with me they r like UL IKE HIM!??! im like yea..he is very very good! lol they dont listen to me though *sigh*
I LOVE YOUR ICON!! XD And I love Michael Jackson, too. :P <3 xxx
*bows* Welcome! I am Doctor Moonwalker, female Michael Jackson impersonator. Let me be the first to say that you will be treated like family here. <3
Hi!! You'll find plenty of "weird" MJ fans here ;). I'm one of them :P
Hey I'm Sheri..same friends r soooo stupid!...luv the icon, just saw the movie 2nite!
Deep down inside(even super deep), I think our friends like him but just don't want to admit it. BTW, I absolutely LOVE your icon!!
hahaha thank u! yea mabey deep deep deep inside them they like him haha but i dont kno lol! well i am glad i met ppl who liie michael jackson YAY! XD



September 5 2005, 23:03:09 UTC 12 years ago

I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson too! Everyone always makes fun of me for liking him.